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Letter from District Three to ONA BOD

  • 1.  Letter from District Three to ONA BOD

    Posted 01-27-2022 10:34 AM

    Sent Via Email and Certified Mail

    January 20, 2022

    Robert Weitzel, President
    Ohio Nurses Association
    3760 Ridge Mill Drive
    Hilliard, OH  43026

    Mr. President and Members of the Board,

    The District Three Board of Directors, delegates and members are deeply concerned about the actions taken on December 17,  2021 by the ONA Board of Directors.  As District President, I have a responsibility to inform our members and delegates of activities of the ONA Board because their actions affect our membership considerably. The members of District Three, ONA have a right to receive an explanation of the ONA Executive Committee and Board of Directors' action to nullify the eight Main Motions approved by the House of Delegates at the October 2021  ONA Virtual House of Delegates.

    If there was something out of order in the manner in which the motions were made or voted on, then it should have been voiced immediately at the HOD so that all the Delegates would be informed and have an opportunity to correct their asks and find a new avenue to accomplish their goals (the ONA CEO, Board and Legal Counsel were all present to object).  We demand to know the reasoning behind this unorthodox and what we feel is disrespectful action.  Providing the detailed facts behind the Board's action would not compromise the Board's position, but rather serve to validate its position for all delegates and members.

    The House of Delegates gave direction to the Board by proposing, voting on and passing motions and has a right to know exactly why the ONA Board is not following through with those motions.  Delegates have the right to be fully informed and should be involved with any remedy if there is a legal reason to invalidate their directives to the Board.  Per the ONA Bylaws and governance structure, the House of Delegates is the highest governing body of ONA and any interference with its directive would not only be a violation of the ONA Bylaws, but violate the fiduciary responsibility of the ONA Board to follow the ONA Bylaws.  According to the January 2022 membership update, both Roberts Rules of Order and an article of the Ohio Revised Code were violated.  We have the right to know specifically which Roberts Rules and which Ohio Revised Code (number and paragraph) were violated.  District Three, ONA is also requesting a copy of the minutes from the December 17, 2021 ONA Board Meeting.  We request and expect a response within a week of receipt of this letter.


    Jeannie Mulichak, BSN,RN
    President, District Three, ONA

    Eric Williams, BSN, RN
    First Vice President, District Three, ONA

    Laurie Hornberger, BSN, RN
    Second Vice President, District Three, ONA

    Sara Harkleroad, ADN, RN
    Secretary, District Three, ONA

    Sharon Hrina, MSN, RN, NE-BC
    Treasurer, District Three, ONA

    Lori Beth Yeager Bortmas, BSN, RN, Director

    Gail Halstead, BSN, RN, Director

    Louise Aurilio , PhD, RN-BC, NE-BC. Director

    Joann Repaskey, BSN, RN, Director

    Molly Roche, MSN, BSN, RN, Director

    Dorcas Fitzgerald, PhD, RN, CNS

    Jennie Wood, PhD, RN, Director

    Susan Yoder, PhD, RN, MS Ed, Director

    Linda Warino, BSN,RN, Honorary Member

    cc: Lisa Ochs, ONA CEO

    Jean Mulichak
    Youngstown OH