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I often fall asleep waiting to watch the 11:00 PM news. This means the drone of the television awakens me in the morning. Recently, I woke to a commercial ad on the Drug Price Relief Act. The commercial went on to say, “Don’t be fooled, vote NO on this initiative. This position is supported by Ohio Nurses”.

I looked up just in time to see a list of opposing organizations, associations and unions scrolling down the screen, including the Ohio Nurses Association. This bill will appear on November 2017’s ballot giving the consumers and the public, a chance to vote yes or no on efforts to regulate the price of prescription drugs in Ohio. I wondered about what this Act entailed. I wondered why the professional organization that supports all of Ohio’s nurses has taken such a visible, vocal opposition to this issue. I decided to find out. I went to the website of the Ohio Nurses Association for possible information and answers.

A Powerful Network of Remarkable Nurses. ONA’s website immediately captures my attention. It is eye catching and energizing. I am amazed at the amount of useful information at my professional fingertips. I like the theme too: A Powerful Network of Remarkable Nurses!

I easily found the information I was seeking regarding the Drug Price Relief Act. The ONA opposition to this act is based on the “unintended consequences”, meaning, passage of the bill may cause the price of prescription drugs to actually increase.

The site is packed with information on nursing practice standards, health policy, and employment opportunities. There are links to the Ohio Board of Nursing and links to take you to your appropriate legislators in the senate and the house. The efforts and progress of ONA to promote safe staffing and end mandatory overtime are detailed there as well.

I also found good information regarding The ONA Road Show. It’s coming to town! YSU, September 7th, 2017. Click here to register! Our own Linda Warino will present on Nurse Practice & Fatigue: A Wake up Call! Other topics include Cultural Appreciation; When the Workplace turns Toxic; and Opioids.

A presentation on scope of practice will count for the required 1.0 contact hour of category A continuing education (CE). I personally plan to attend as I still need my required law CE.

For those unable to attend the Road Show, the website provides access to over 75 independent continuing education studies, including those that are category A with the required law and rules content, that can be completed online.

Enough, enough! I could go on about the site. Rest assured that you will find something useful there to you in your practice. When you have a question or concern regarding nursing, check out ONA’s website. You will find that www.ohnurses.org is the ‘go to’ site for the latest information and updates on nursing issues, ONA House of Delegates, Road Show schedules, and much more. Don’t forget to VOTE! Please return the ballot contained in this newsletter and have a safe and healthy summer.



    Every year, District Three offers a great service to our community by manning a blood pressure screening booth in the Health Building at the Canfield Fair. Please do not wait to be called or invited to participate.  Just call the office now (330-799-4199) or email us (d3ona5669@yahoo.com) and volunteer to take part in this year’s Fair event to be held from Wednesday August 30, 2016 through Monday, September 4, 2016.  The Committee for this project thanks you in advance for offering your time and expertise to this very worthy community service.  You will receive a complimentary ticket to the Fair in exchange for two hours of your time.  This effort will most likely afford you far more reward than the effort it takes to give and you will have done your part to help screen approximately 6000 members of our community for hypertension.

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